Vision and Values

Our Vision

Our vision is a community where children are respected, valued and loved so they can grow, through their learning, into independent and knowledgeable adults who will contribute positively to our society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality Montessori education to children aged from 2½ to 6 years and to bring our vision into reality.

Our Values

Quality  - our focus is on the people we work for (the children, their families and whānau, funding providers, and the community) and we will strive for excellence through evaluation and continuous improvement.

Caring - we are committed to performing our work with sensitivity and kindness.

Integrity - we are committed to act in an ethical, honest manner.

Respect - we believe that all people should be treated with consideration and dignity. We cherish diversity.

Responsiveness - we strive to be accessible, flexible, transparent, and to demonstrate a sense of urgency in our resolve and decision-making.

Accountability - we are committed to measuring, achieving and reporting results, and to using funding dollars wisely.

Teamwork - we are committed to effective partnerships between staff, committee members and the parent community.

Our Goals & Objectives

In order to achieve the vision, four key goals have been identified.

  1. To provide quality Montessori education for the children.
  2. To ensure Mana Montessori is a desirable place to work.
  3. To ensure the long-term sustainability of Mana Montessori.
  4. To ensure Mana Montessori is responsive to the changing needs of parents and the community.