Montessori History

Mana Montessori serves children and families from throughout the Porirua Basin.  Mana Montessori opened in 1990.  Since January 1999 Mana Montessori has operated in its own two-classroom building in Albatross Close, Whitby in a lovely sunny spot beside Endeavour Park.  We offer spacious and attractive classroom spaces for up to 25 children in each carefully prepared classroom.

Mana Montessori is run by a dedicated committee of parents keen to ensure the best use is made of these facilities for the benefit not only of their own children but for all the other children and families here.  The committee employs a team of highly trained and experienced teachers.  The teachers and parent committee work together to ensure that the school offers an excellent standard of education, and truly reflects the spirit and philosophy of Maria Montessori and her love and respect for children.  Watch a BBC documentary about the amazing life and work of Dr Montessori


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