Term 2 2012 Growing

Our focus at the moment is on Growing, sparked by the children’s interest in the caterpillars and butterflies on our swan plants last term, a number of new babies in the Montessori community, and the fecundity of our fruit and vegetable gardens. 
We recently had a visit from Tracy Scott of Meadow Mushrooms who shared her enthusiasm for growing fungi.  She left us some mushroom spawn and specially prepared compost (made with chicken poo to the children’s fascination!).  We have all been surprised and delighted at how well the mushrooms have grown without special conditions in our warm, light and airy classrooms.  The mushrooms virtually double in size every day.  The children have been harvesting them daily and the picked mushrooms are shared with our families who can take them and cook them for dinner.  All the children have had the opportunity to eat the mushrooms here at school.  While most of them are perhaps not yet fans of eating mushrooms, all of them are converts to the pleasures of growing mushrooms.