Petting Zoo Visit

Children at Mana Montessori have the opportunity to develop an awareness of connections between events and experiences both within and beyond the Montessori setting, and to expand their knowledge of the wider world. 
We arranged for a travelling farm to come and spend the whole day with us yesterday.  Beverley, the owner of Zippity Zoo, is a talented entertainer as well as a lover of animals and we all had lots of fun and laughs.  Farmer B, as she asked us to call her, brought with her sheep, guinea pigs, a goat, a dog, a lop-eared rabbit, a hen and a very noisy rooster.  Beverley showed us how to approach the animals and to care for them. The children had the opportunity to pat, hold and hand-feed the animals.  Freddy the goat was particularly grateful for the long grass the children picked and fed to him.