Initial Enquiries

Mana Montessori offers Morning sessions for two-year-olds only (8.45 to 11.45am), Morning Plus (five mornings Monday to Friday 8.45 to 11.45am plus three or four afternoons to 3.00pm, subject to availability), and Full Day (6¼ hours a day, from 8.45am to 3.00pm Monday to Thursday or Monday to Friday) sessions daily during the year, apart from a five week closure over the Christmas/New Year period.

Please contact us by phone on (04) 234 1489 or by email info@manamontessori.school.nz to receive an information pack with more details about the classes, fees and other information, including an application form for placement on the waiting list.  

If you would like to place your child’s name on the waiting list, there is an enrolment fee of $50.00 per family.  Once your first child is enrolled, your other children can be enrolled for free.

Payment of the enrolment fee may be made in cash or to our bank account number 03 1533 0005458 00. The enrolment fee is non-refundable and cannot guarantee a place as it does depend on the number of children on the waiting list before your child and how many children are leaving us for primary school and thus creating vacancies.

If you have any questions, would like any further information, or if you wish to visit the school, please ​email or phone us on (04) 234 1489.  You are always welcome at Mana Montessori.

20 Hours ECE Funding

The Mana Montessori Management Committee offers the government’s 20 Hours ECE Funding scheme on the basis that there will be no compromise in the nature or quality of services offered by Mana Montessori. This has resulted in reduced fees for three, four and five year old children.   NOTE that fees do not increase for children who stay at Mana Montessori until their sixth birthday.

Mana Montessori offers this package as we want children and families to benefit by having access to affordable, quality Montessori education.  However the government funding is based on the costs of meeting the minimum regulations and is not sufficient to cover the high-quality education we deliver, such as having high teacher to child ratios, higher than regulation numbers of experienced, highly qualified and registered teachers, and Montessori equipment and methods.  This means that Mana Montessori is unable to offer completely free early childhood education.  We therefore need to ask parents to support us by making a commitment to pay additional charges.  Should this support not be forthcoming, Mana Montessori will need to reconsider its decision to offer 20 Hours ECE.